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For New Home Plans:

How do I start the process to design a custom home?
Call our office at 770-951-8600 to arrange a meeting with Tim Bryan. He will show you examples of how the plan process works and go over the fees to design your home.

What are the initial steps in designing a custom home?
Many times we start with a visit to the site where the home is to be built. If this is not possible, a site plan may be all that we need to begin. We then meet to discuss the specific details of the home, which are gathered by way of a checklist that we provide, along with any pictures and examples that you may bring to help illustrate what you want with regards to your new home. From this information, Tim will create the preliminary plans for your home, taking it step-by-step, along with your input as the plans develop. Once the preliminary plan process if completed, you will have a set of schematic drawings for your new home to initiate conversations with potential builders.

What are the final steps in designing a custom home?
Once the preliminary plans have been finalized, we then translate those drawings into technical plans from which the home can be built.

How long does it take to design a custom home?
On average, it will take about 4 weeks to complete the preliminary drawings and then another 4-6 weeks to finalize the construction drawings.

Do you design homes outside the Atlanta area?
Yes, we have designed many homes for clients in other locations, with some past clients having never met us face-to-face or some not even having seen the actual site where the home was to be built.

What sizes and styles of homes do you design?
Our website gallery shows the wide range of the styles of homes that we are familiar with designing. We have designed homes from as little as 700 square feet to over 30,000 square feet.

Do you design barns or horse stables?
Yes, we have designed barns and stables for horses and equipment, some even with living quarters.

Do you design other outbuildings?
Yes, we have designed pool houses, guest houses, pavilions, boat houses and other types of outbuildings.

Do you do any commercial design work?
Yes, we have light commercial design experience. We have designed neighborhood clubhouses, guard houses, public restroom buildings and bed and breakfast facilities, just to name a few.

What is your fee to design a custom home?
We usually charge a fee that is based on the square footage of the home. Our fee for a custom home will be only a small portion of the overall cost of the home.

How many homes have you designed?
Based on the list of past clients and home locations since 1993, we have well over a thousand homes, based on our plans, that have been built.

Do you have builders that you can recommend?
Yes, we have a list of great builders and can help with the builder interview process too.

Do you sell stock plans?
Yes, we have several hundred stock plans. Please contact us and we can direct you to our plans.

Do you help with renovation projects?
Currently we are not taking on any renovation projects.